What Kind Of Seat Covers Do I Need?

Here is a complete guide that will help you decide on the kind of seat cover you need for your vehicle.

You use your car very often, so it’s unsurprising that its engine and even accessories wear and tear over time. Just like your car engine, you also need to protect the original form of your seats from stains, dirt, and tear, which makes them look less appealing and feel less comfortable.

If the seats do get damaged, it is quite impossible to clean it. Even if you use different kinds of cleaning solutions, the trace of stains and dirt will still be there. The main solution to this is to install car seat covers. These accessories are a truly worthy investment, helping you maintain your vehicle’s resale price.

Now that you’ve come across the solution to this concern, you might ask yourself “What kind of seat covers do you need?” Here is a complete guide that will help you decide on the kind of seat cover you need for your vehicle:

The right materials: What kind of seat covers do I need?

  • Velour Seat Covers. If you value comfort and style, choose this kind of seat cover. It features a lavishly knitted look. It is made of cotton or polyester. This seat cover offers unbeatable comfort with its extremely soft finish. Its only drawback is that its water-resistance feature is not so great. But if you want your seats to look luxurious and elegant, you have to go with this kind of seat cover.
  • Neoprene Seat Covers. If you are an off-road enthusiast or a dirt-bike rider, this is the right material for your seat covers. It is made of moisture-resistant and high-pressure materials that resemble scuba diving suits. It provides utmost protection against debris, water damage, dirt, spill, and UV rays from the sun.  If your vehicle is always getting messy because of your outdoor activities, choose this type of seat cover.
  • Canvas Seat Covers–If you have an active lifestyle and you have small kids or pets, you must choose canvas seat covers. This seat cover consists of long-lasting and hard-wearing properties that can protect your seat from the most stubborn stains, like muds and water spills.  This type of seat cover is also comfortable to sit on and is very pleasing to the eyes. Due to its tight-fitting features, the seat cover can stretch well over your seats, preventing them from wrinkling later on.
  • Leather Seat Covers– If you live in a place with cold climate, you may choose this type of seat cover.  The liquids just sit on top of the leather surface, so your seats are protected from spills. However, you may choose a quality leather seat cover, so your covers do not get sticky.

Check accessories in your seats

Another consideration in choosing the right kind of seat cover is the kind of accessories that are built in your seats.  Before you buy and install car seat covers, check if your car seats have the following:

  • Airbags
  • Headrests (built-in or adjustable)
  • Armrests
  • Built-in screens or DVD players

The right size for your seat covers

After knowing the accessories that are built in your seats, you can now choose the size of seat cover that you need.

  • Size 90. This car seat cover is ideal for a front high backbench car seat.
  • Size 06/06H- This car seat cover consists of three separate headrest covers that provide adjustable headrests. However, it does not permit armrests and folding seats.
  • Size A or Size 301. This car seat cover is often used in utes and vans.
  • Size 30A or 30 Deploy Safe. If your front seats have built-in airbags, this seat cover is recommended for you. It allows side airbags to be deployed in case of emergency in the most efficient way possible.
  • Size B or Size 401. This is ideal for front bucket seats and ¾ bench. It permits complete functionality to adjust headrest.

Choosing the kind of seat covers for your vehicle will depend on various factors, including the materials used and its purpose, the accessories that come with your seats, and the size that fits your seats and your purpose. Make sure to choose only the best cover for your car seats by adhering to the considerations discussed in the guidelines above.

The good thing about car seat covers is that they give you the freedom to combine style and functionality with amazing and flexible features. So don’t worry that your overall preferences will not be met if you decide to use car seat covers. You just need to be patient in looking for the right mix of features that you want for a car seat cover.

There are many car shops that you can explore in order to find the best match for you and your vehicle. Compare them and choose the covers that represent what you want and what you need for a car seat cover, but remember also to not sacrifice quality for personal preferences.

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