URPOWER Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars – Review


Protecting your car seats from stains, dirt, mud and pet hair can be very challenging. You will find that it is almost impossible to get away with all these things, as you use your car almost every day.  But don’t worry, because there is actually a solution—and it is installing car seat covers. These car accessories can definitely protect your car seats from being messed up; as a bonus, they can also customize the interior look of your vehicle.

Before you buy and install car seat covers, you have to know which one best suits your car seat needs. There are a wide variety of car seat covers that you can choose from. But if you have pets and small kids, it is best to use one that can protect your seats from pet hair, claw marks, and unwanted stains.

One product that you can consider is the URPOWER Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars. Here are its features, to help you decide if it best suits your car seat needs:

Features of URPOWER Pet Front Seat Cover

This car seat cover offers maximum protection to your car seats, especially for pet hair and stubborn stains. But it also offers more than that.DURABLE – It is made of good quality and durable polyester that can withstand any kind of stretching as you impose on it (e.g. while installing).

  • WATERPROOF – It consists of a 4-layered waterproof PU to provide added comfort and efficiency.
  • EASY TO HANDLE -It has a buckle that can be quickly released around the headrest.
  • NON-SLIP – It features a rubber non-slip backing as well as seat anchors to keep it from sliding around.
  • SUITABLE FOR PETS – It consists of a 20.5 inch by 1-inch dog seat cover that suits many kinds of car seats. It is ideal for small, medium, and large breeds.
  • FITS ALL – It is available for many cars, trucks, and SUVs.


Its features are definitely promising and ideal for those with pets. Its advantages are also wonderful for all car owners who want to make sure that their car seats are protected from various kinds of dirt that come with regular use.

  • It is waterproof, so you can be secured that water will not be absorbed by your existing upholstery. It is a common problem of car owners with small kids because kids can get clumsy and spill liquids anywhere in the car. Hence, it is a must that your car seats are protected with reliable and durable car seat covers.
  • It offers extra comfort, so you can sit comfortably all throughout your ride.
  • It protects your car seats from pet hair and claw marks, dirt and mud. This is the reason why many pet owners choose this seat cover since it protects their car seats thoroughly.
  • It assures you that once the seat covers are installed, it will not slip or slide around. Many customers have proven that these seat covers cannot get easily removed, even by playful kids and pets.
  • It is simple to install and clean. You just need to use a wet cloth or a vacuum. This advantage is such a lifesaver for many car owners because most of them lack the time to clean extensively. Thus, having an easy-to-clean car seat cover will allow them to save time and effort for more important activities and chores.
  • It offers a service warranty within 180 days, so you are secured that your seat cover will be repaired if it gets messed up within the warranty period.
  • It comes in a universal size, which means that it can suit almost all kinds of front car seats.


Most of the reviews of previous customers are positive, expressing their satisfaction over the efficiency of the URPOWER Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars. However, there are also some customers who share their dissatisfaction with the featured product.

  • One customer said that the seat covers don’t stay installed on the seats for a long time, as his pet dog was able to remove it easily.


If you have a pet, and small kids whom you always carry with you as you drive, this front seat cover is ideal for you. There are many proofs that it works well in protecting your car seats from water spills, muds, stains, pet hair and claw marks. Its features and advantages can also speak of its efficiency. While it has a minor drawback, it can still be concluded that this product can be highly considered.

A piece of advice: Before you buy any car seat cover, make sure that you get the exact measurement of your car seats to avoid the hassle of returning it to the shop for a replacement.

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