How To Put Car Seat Covers On

It is cheaper to install car seat covers than to reupholster the leather of your vehicle. Here are step-by-step procedures on how to put car seat covers on.

With regular use, the leather or upholstery in your car can absorb stains, dirt, and may also start to wear. One solution to this is to put on car seat covers. These useful car accessories are very easy to install, and can also personalize the interior of your car.

It is also cheaper to install car seat covers than to reupholster the leather of your vehicle.  The more popular method of putting on car seat covers is installing the car seat cover over the car upholstery because it consumes less time and effort. Here are step-by-step procedures on how to put car seat covers on:

Right seat cover: How to put car seat covers on?

The first step that you need to do is to choose the most appropriate seat cover for your car. Things that you should consider are your personal preferences as the owner, the color scheme of your vehicle, the appropriate style, and the exact size. Being the owner, you have personal preferences like what overall appeal you want your car seat to possess. Do you want it to be simple or ragged?

You must also choose a color that matches your vehicle’s interior color scheme. Choosing an inappropriate color can destroy the overall look of your car’s interior, so it is best to analyze further what color best suits your car upholstery. Don’t also forget to consider if the cover is for bucket seats, bench seats or for individual seats.  Another consideration that should not be left out is the exact size of the seat cover. Make sure to get the exact measurement of your vehicle’s upholstery before buying a car seat cover.

Un-install the headrest

After choosing the appropriate seat cover for your car’s upholstery, you are now ready to put it on. The first step that you should do is to remove the headrest if there’s any. Don’t worry, because it’s quite easy to remove the headrest on many car seats. You just need to pull it up. You may be unsuccessful your first try, but what you must just do is to try harder in pulling it up, and it will then be removed.

Install new car seat covers

You can start putting on your car seat covers by tilting the seat frontward and sliding it forward to gain access to much of the seat, so you can have more space as you install the car seat cover. The next step is to slide the cover over the existing seat from top to down. Don’t panic if it’s a bit hard to pull the cover down, it’s actually a good thing. The tighter the fit, the less the chances that it will produce wrinkles and tears later on.

Make sure that the covers are tightened

As soon as you have already installed the seat covers, you may now attach and tighten them well. You can make use of the hooks, which you can find along with the covers, to attach them to the car seat. You can attach almost everything that you can find under the seat, but be careful not to attach them to electrical lines. After affixing the seat covers, tighten them more to prevent the covers from wrinkling.

Time to replace the headrest

After the first few steps, you can finally replace the headrest. In case your car seat covers don’t have holes for the headrest yet, you still need to create holes to be used for the posts of the headrest. You can make these holes with the use of a shrill razorblade. Make sure that these holes are as small as they can be. The reason behind this is to ensure that there will be lesser chances that the cover will tear in the future. The last step is slipping the headrests through the holes you’ve made for the seat covers; make sure to press them tightly to push it into its proper place.

Important advice: If your seats have airbags installed in them, don’t forget to check your car manual where it’s located.

Putting on car seat covers is very simple. All it takes is to follow the step-by-step procedures properly, so you can make sure that your seat covers will be installed flawlessly. The trick is to fasten and tighten the cover thoroughly, so there will be no wrinkling and tearing that will happen later on. Choosing the right seat cover for your car is also very important, so take enough time to decide what kind of car seat cover you want and need. Consulting your family and friends can also be helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask for their opinions.


Undoubtedly, car seat covers are a worthy investment. It does not only protect your car from daily wear and tear, but it also customizes your vehicle the way you want it to be. So, don’t think twice about buying and installing seat covers for your wheels.

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