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The best car seat cover advice from InvestOnRide website.

Thorough Cleaning Of Truck Interior

How to thoroughly clean truck interior. Truck seat covers make cleaning easy and protect truck seats.

It’s difficult to keep a truck clean because trucks do so much work. Whether it’s hauling gardening or construction supplies, moving houses, off-roading, or hunting trips, the inside of a truck can get as dirty as the outside. But keeping the interior clean helps to extend the life of vinyl and leather components, as well as […]

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Why Water Is Bad For Your Car

Water is your car's enemy. Protect your car against rust and corrosion, saltwater, mold, mildew, smells, and stains. Waterproof seat covers to choose from.

While your car requires water to run properly and regulate the temperature, over time water can damage every part of a vehicle. Rain, snow, and even humid climates can cause water damage to a car. Rust and corrosion The metal in a car is highly susceptible to rust, which can form even under the cover […]

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Accessories That Enhance Your Ride

Accessories That Enhance Your Ride | InvestOnRide

As of early 2017, the average purchase price of a new car in the US was almost $35,000. (Kelly Blue Book) The cost to own and operate it can average to around $8,000 or more per year (American Automobile Association, Inc). The costs are worth it because Americans spend about 290 hours per year on […]

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What To Look For In A Child Safety Seat

Know what to look for in buying new or used child safety seat and what is best for the age of your child.

A child car seat is an important investment in your child’s safety and comfort, and appropriately securing a child in a car is legally required in most countries around the world. In the United States, the requirements differ from state to state. When buying a new car seat, it is important to review both your […]

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Travel Happily With Your Pet

Tips on how to travel with your beloved pet with less hassle. Check out a good choice for car seat cover for comfort, safety, and protection of your pet.

No matter if you have a dog that loves to go on car rides, or a cat who would rather die, traveling with your pet is sometimes necessary. Whether it’s occasional visits to the vet, jaunts to the dog park, or long camping trips, it’s important that your pet be able to travel with you […]

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How To Put Car Seat Covers On

It is cheaper to install car seat covers than to reupholster the leather of your vehicle. Here are step-by-step procedures on how to put car seat covers on.

With regular use, the leather or upholstery in your car can absorb stains, dirt, and may also start to wear. One solution to this is to put on car seat covers. These useful car accessories are very easy to install, and can also personalize the interior of your car. It is also cheaper to install […]

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What Kind Of Seat Covers Do I Need?

Here is a complete guide that will help you decide on the kind of seat cover you need for your vehicle.

You use your car very often, so it’s unsurprising that its engine and even accessories wear and tear over time. Just like your car engine, you also need to protect the original form of your seats from stains, dirt, and tear, which makes them look less appealing and feel less comfortable. If the seats do get […]

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